Hi Lovers,

I apologize for my absence in connecting thru this medium.  As I have shared before, writing does not come easy for me and what seems valuable to you is when I get vulnerable sharing about my life, also not very easy. People often describe my writing as raw and real, which helps them.  It's been a lot in this last year that has unfolded and it's easy to share when I am in close relation because we can dialogue about it, but much more difficult to share in this medium because it is so personal.  I will continue to try, but reach out and connect with me if you want more.

The Beauty of Death and Dying

Hello Beautiful Yogis,

My beloved grandmother/GG/Betty Shepard is free of her 99 year old body.  She has taken flight.  I know I have shared so much of her over the years that some of you might feel like you know her.  Such time of celebration, joy and grief. Tessa and I were so honored to be with her less than two weeks ago on our semiannual pilgrimage to Florida. We have been doing this pilgrimage since Tessa was a baby because it is important to me that she knows where a lot of her strength as a woman comes from and is seen in all the woman in Betty's legacy. Betty was an incredible woman that lived for what truly matters.  I am forever grateful for what she has inspired in me.