Oh Fall!

Hi Loves!

Oh my goodness fall beauty! It just blows my heart wide open! I just want to spend all my time outside. This weekend was spent on the Eastside relishing in it. It even included apple picking and making our own cider. Heaven! We have been warming up our blend of cider in the morning for a special treat. Tessa says she is hooked! For those of you that go to the eastside, I can't tell you how special Apple Hill was just outside of Bishop. A very special piece of property and it's not just apples, they have other fruits, veggies, eggs, etc. . I want to do a special yoga retreat there!

Back from Silence

Hi Loves,

Back from Silence. Always an adventure especially on re-entry when the retreat really begins. There will be more to share as it unfolds, but what I want to share is what I observed with the group. Adyashanti and his crew at Open Gate, plus the Granlibakken crew hold a very sweet container. The lay of the land and how the facility sits is perfect for a silent retreat. I highly recommend attending. What got me excited this year was seeing how many men were present. I would say there were probably more men than women out of the 300+ total. And Adya has such a beautiful way of helping men make the journey down into their heart wisdom. I think he is easy for men to relate to in that he was a competitive athlete with a lot of drive and personal will that men can relate to.

A Talk With Kali

Hi Loves,

I have been teaching and holding space a lot for me the last month and Sunday I am gratefully heading into silence with Adyashanti until Friday. I can not wait to be held! Thank you to all the beings that are supporting me by taking care of my kid, my dog, my classes so I can have this experience of myself. Honestly what I receive from these retreats is pretty phenomenal and I highly encourage you to seek it if you are feeling the call. It use to feel indulgent, but now I am seeing it as necessary with the amount of input we are getting on a daily basis. Last year I missed retreat because Tessa and I got a fabulous invite to France with my dear sister Kali Cathie and her unit. It was an amazing trip and I feel I am overdue about a year.

For the Men!

Hi Loves,

It's nice for the weather to change to force me inside to write. Today, I'm writing about what I am being called to serve which is men.

When I look out in the world, when I hear the news, when I listen to my students, friends, family members, kid, partner, ex-partners- seemingly everyone; I am called over and over again to "hold space" for the men. Globally, men and women have been "out of balance" for a long time. Now, as the feminine archetype comes more into synch, more into her power, it's just plain wobbly. I see a lot of men that are overwhelmed, frustrated, depressed, and lonely. I see men that are fearful of women and don't see that they can trust them. (Recently, I heard that middle aged men are at the highest risk for suicide in Truckee/Tahoe).

Connecting with Mama

Hi loves,

Oh my goodness!; it's almost back to school time in Tahoe. Many families have returned to school already. For me, it's my favorite time of the year. I love the structure, the routine, the new start, but most of all, the re-commitment to learning/growth. For Tessa, this time is about back-to-school shopping and creating a freshness in her living space. We have been remodeling her room. First, she started to declutter-which is really the Yoga Sutra practice of Saucha- often translated as cleanliness, but also thought of as clarity. Tessa does not have attachment issues, she was happy to give away almost everything and when I whimpered about something I loved that she wanted to get rid of, she responded, "I am not a hoarder, Mom." (Aparigraha- the practice of non-hoarding or giving abundantly). After cleaning came painting with one of her best friends. We were quite the painting trio, and it was a process- with it's highs, lows and a whole lot of paint on us and, eventually, some on the walls. I still see little flecks of white paint in Tessa's hair. To cover her old vibrant blue walls and green ceiling took five or six coats of Tessa's chosen color- white. It took a lot of sweat and some tears, (Tapas- often translated as zeal or the practice of fiery discipline). Somehow we all survived, and Tessa is really happy with how it all turned out, even with all the imperfections. She expresses her gratitude for my help and encouragement every night when I put her to bed. (Santosa- the practice of contentment).

Get Outside and Practice

Hi loves,

I have to say one of my favorite ways to chill with friends is being outside in the shade and sharing the practice of yoga. Letting go of the formality of the studio. Showing up in bike shorts, climbing pants, pajamas, or swimsuits. Whatever one is wearing and just rolling out the mat and practicing. A lot of the classes I taught outside were back in the day when everyone would bring their kids. It was so fun feeling the breeze on our skin, gazing up at the trees, having our little ones run around in the grass, sometimes climbing on their mothers/fathers. Pretty precious.

Wanderlust Festival Report and Other Updates

Hi Loves,

This is my annual Wanderlust Festival report. Attending the Festival at Squaw Valley each year is my chance to get a pulse on what's going on in the greater yoga community, and to see where we are headed. From what I can tell this year, there is a "softening". I am not sure if it was because there were less corporate sponsors, less attendees(I know there were less discounts), less spending, less waste, less alcohol(I was given lube instead of alcohol in my presenter gift bag); or if it was more meditation, more quiet, more connection, more deep conversation, but it felt softer and more intimate this year- I loved it!