Get Outside and Practice

Hi loves,

I have to say one of my favorite ways to chill with friends is being outside in the shade and sharing the practice of yoga. Letting go of the formality of the studio. Showing up in bike shorts, climbing pants, pajamas, or swimsuits. Whatever one is wearing and just rolling out the mat and practicing. A lot of the classes I taught outside were back in the day when everyone would bring their kids. It was so fun feeling the breeze on our skin, gazing up at the trees, having our little ones run around in the grass, sometimes climbing on their mothers/fathers. Pretty precious.

Wanderlust Festival Report and Other Updates

Hi Loves,

This is my annual Wanderlust Festival report. Attending the Festival at Squaw Valley each year is my chance to get a pulse on what's going on in the greater yoga community, and to see where we are headed. From what I can tell this year, there is a "softening". I am not sure if it was because there were less corporate sponsors, less attendees(I know there were less discounts), less spending, less waste, less alcohol(I was given lube instead of alcohol in my presenter gift bag); or if it was more meditation, more quiet, more connection, more deep conversation, but it felt softer and more intimate this year- I loved it!

Abundance is Here!

Hi Loves,

Summer is officially here in Tahoe! Seems like the weather is heating up and the influx of visitors is too. The Farmer's Market this morning was packed. All of us that live here, it hit's us, doesn't it? It's palpable. We can feel the abundance of energy and also the resistance to it including our own, but it gives us an opportunity to open our hearts and let it in. And at the same time, hold healthy boundaries and take time for self care. This is where our freedom lies, otherwise we resist and suffer. I do have to say that is why I will serve the community the next three days and then skedaddle out of town for the weekend.

Beloved Community Hubs

Hi Loved Ones,

I'm home! Idaho was great! Wonderful to be off the grid for a week and drop in. Heaven. Ben and I drove many miles, 55 of them on dirt roads, to get to City of Rocks. So beautiful! I even asked Ben, "Do you think you could live out here?" He immediately said, "Yes". And part of me says "Yes" too. Then the rational mind kicks in and says, "you have to wait until Tessa is out of the house". And the more I sit, the deeper inner voice says, "serve your community". I really, really love this Tahoe-Truckee community. And it's growing! I feel like I meet someone that just moved here at least once a week. It's overwhelming at times, driving around and seeing all the change and traffic. Then I feel that call to serve this community again because the overwhelm is not just mine. I have heard people say that there are too many yoga studios in Tahoe, but with the rate that we are growing I believe all these studios are needed. And, we all need to support them in order for these community "hubs" to help us all heal and connect. There is plenty of evidence that shows having a strong sense of community, helps us to live longer, healthier lives.

Celebrating 47!

Hi Loves,

Betty is all packed up and ready for another adventure. Ben and I are heading up to City of Rocks, Idaho for our birthdays. It's time to unplug and celebrate ourselves. I think back 7 years ago when I was turning 40 I was celebrating a new chapter by doing 40 backbends with my students and my husband 2 days earlier had said he couldn't be in our marriage anymore. Well doesn't life feel different now! I would never do 47 backbends. :)

Before I unplug I wanted to get some info out to you all. I have heard from quite a few students that are thinking about signing up for this years Wanderlust Teacher Training and we are asking that people get their deposits in by June 20 to save their spot and also helps us prepare.

This is Just Plain Silly

Hi Loves,

Oh my goodness. Snow here in these mountains on May 16th! It's just plain silly. I was grinning from ear to ear at this silliness riding up the chair today in a whiteout. Sometimes things feel like they are just plain upside down, which makes me laugh, something I learned early on from my dad. You can't take yourself or anything too seriously. And boy is laughter a huge release. I look for this quality in the people I bring close to me. 

Sisters Give this to Yourself

Hi loves,

Last night Ben and I attended this talk a psychologist was giving on Authentic Relating with Adolescents. I would say at least 90% of the room was mother's and I think that is why I went to find out who this topic mattered to. I can't say I learned much, more just reminded how incredibly important parenting is and good parenting comes down to taking care of ourselves, which last night this guy was talking about breath work, movement and meditation, which gives us the capacity to be present for our kids. If we want authentic relating, if we want intimacy, there must be presence. We have to put the phones down. I am so sad that Tessa is now feeling the strong pull of the phone, but aren't we all in some way. When I ask her to put the phone down or to hand it over I hear, "just one more minute, I need to send this text." This is how we are connecting these days, but we are missing the presence of the moment. And how often have I said those same words to her, which is why I went down to the Eastside this weekend by myself with no screens. Ok I did listen to podcasts and music, but mostly I was in silence.

Wisdom From Betty

Hi Lovers,

I promised I would keep sharing about my experience of acquiring "Betty", so here I am actually writing this with her on the Eastside. So fitting. The stars aligned for me to have this weekend to myself and I seized it. The ease of taking spontaneous trips to the Eastern Sierra, and beyond, is one of the reasons that I bought Betty in the first place. Now, don't get me wrong; I really, really love my time with my partner. I really, really love my time with Tessa. I really, really love my time with my family and friends, but.... I really, really, REALLY LOVE my time alone, especially in one of my favorite places on the planet. I did not always love my alone time before I started my daily sitting practice. (Have to put my plug in for meditation). I think because my mind often was not the best company or I was afraid of my loneliness. When I did want to be by myself, I often was running away from some situation, some feeling, some emotion instead of stopping and being with it. These days I enjoy myself so much more because I do stop. Easy to say when I am sitting in a cushy van in God's greatest playground. But it's also true when I have been committed to a week of silence. It's true when Tessa pushes up all the ugly stuff. It's true when I am going through challenges because I know that life is playing out and I am learning, growing, evolving.