My life in short:

Mama, lover, teacher, friend. Daughter, sister, auntie, dog owner.

Meditator, yogi, climber, skier, dancer, art dabbler, nature enthusiast.

My life in lengthened form:

The longer I am on the path of yoga, the harder these bios are to write.  I have been at this yoga thing since 1996 amongst the mountains of Lake Tahoe and became devoted to it when I took the leap to start teaching in Truckee, CA in 2003.  I have been teaching full time ever since in these glorious mountains.  What I have discovered is this path chose me.  It would not let me get off if I tried.  I always tell people that sign up for Teacher Training, get ready for your whole life to change.  I taught yoga and resisted meditation for another 8 years.  You could of asked me to do almost anything, but sit with my mind.  Eventually life made it clear I could no longer run away.  My marriage had become toxic and my young daughter was bringing everything up that needed to healed/held.  Embracing meditation gave me the life that I had always wanted to live, that of great depth and intimacy with all of it.  I can truly say I love this life, the ups and downs, the fun times and the rough times, even the dreadful past that haunts, the dirty floors/dishes/laundry and this aging body.  All of it is so incredibly beautiful!  Forever grateful to yoga.

I teach to the life that is presenting itself.  I love asana for everything it does for our body and being, but it is not the main focus of what I like to share.  I intend to nurture the connection to one's own heart. I am a lover.  People come to my classes, workshops and trainings to learn how to love, be loved and remember they are love. I encourage vulnerability, imperfection, getting messy and falling apart.  I strive to embrace with my students the tougher emotions such as shame, guilt, anger, grief and doubt.  I walk alongside students where we support each other in this school of life, where life is continuing to experience itself.

I really don’t know where this life is going, maybe even this bio, but I know I am enjoying the unfolding as I go.  My relationships are richer.  I love being mama even though it's the hardest thing I have ever done.  My capacity to let life in is greater and in that I find myself blown away by the awe of it all.  If you are reading this, my hope is you will be a part of this unfolding someday whether it’s in class, a training, at a festival or maybe out playing in the mountains.

Thank you for seeing me and I hope to see you.


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