Celebrating 47!

Hi Loves,

Betty is all packed up and ready for another adventure. Ben and I are heading up to City of Rocks, Idaho for our birthdays. It's time to unplug and celebrate ourselves. I think back 7 years ago when I was turning 40 I was celebrating a new chapter by doing 40 backbends with my students and my husband 2 days earlier had said he couldn't be in our marriage anymore. Well doesn't life feel different now! I would never do 47 backbends. :)

Before I unplug I wanted to get some info out to you all. I have heard from quite a few students that are thinking about signing up for this years Wanderlust Teacher Training and we are asking that people get their deposits in by June 20 to save their spot and also helps us prepare. I have had questions like, "What if I have to miss a day?" We work with people to make up what they lost, but it's never ideal because this is for you. You have two years to do all 4 modules, but they do need to be done in sequence. Also if funds are tight, you can pay as you go. I am including a video that was made to give you a taste of what teacher training looks like. I had no idea that we were going to film this so I came in to this meeting from the slopes, helmet hair and no makeup. So grateful you can't smell the stinky capilene thru the video. Before when I was identified with the image I would never of let this go out to the thousands of people on the Squaw email and I can't say my little awkward friend wasn't cringing some, but when I watched the video I saw truth. This is what it really is and isn't that what Meg and I are really helping people to see/experience? All of it is Love/God, even the stinky capilene.

Wanderlust Squaw 200 Hr Yoga
Teacher Training 2019
**We are so excited about the group that is forming.
Come be a part of it if you are so called!

While I do love cleaning up and looking nice especially for my lover, I am also excited to not even think about any of that for a week. Happy Birthday to me! Stay tuned for a sharing from Betty. There is writing to be had.

Love to you all!

P.S. I want to celebrate with you all too. I would be honored to have you come over to my house for a potluck/meditation on Tues. June 18th 6:00-8:30. Let me know if you can make it. Won't be back in reception until the 14th.

P.S.S. Rocky Heron will be at the Truckee Yoga Collective the weekend of June 14-17. He is amazing! I am going to try and swing one of the sessions if Tessa will let me.

P.S.S.S. Wanderlust Festival is approaching. Yipee! Are you making it this year? July 19-21. Special immersions on July 18