This is Just Plain Silly

Hi Loves,

Oh my goodness. Snow here in these mountains on May 16th! It's just plain silly. I was grinning from ear to ear at this silliness riding up the chair today in a whiteout. Sometimes things feel like they are just plain upside down, which makes me laugh, something I learned early on from my dad. You can't take yourself or anything too seriously. And boy is laughter a huge release. I look for this quality in the people I bring close to me. 

Something I find silly about our community in Tahoe that includes myself, is our inability to commit and I see it as our fear of missing out, FOMO. The thing is when we are caught up in FOMO, we really ARE missing out. We are missing out on experiencing ourselves. I love the beings in this community and I would love to see more committing to themselves. There are no shortage of opportunities being offered to help you commit to yourself.

One of my greatest silly sisters is Meg McCracken who I assist in the Wanderlust  Teacher Training. We have the ability to get each other laughing really hard and sometimes that finds it's way in to our trainings. It can start with a small explosion between someone's legs and we have lost the whole room. What I love about the container we hold is that everyone can show up just as they are and it feels safe to drop it all. The trust that is built thru that creates a community that is priceless. Meg is also offering Satsang the 3rd Monday of every month 5:30-7:00 at the Wanderlust Studio. I hope to see you there this Monday. The theme is Radical Acceptance/Trust.

I am so proud to see one of our committed Alumni, KC Kent (another divine silly sister) has put together a wonderful weekend for our community at The North Tahoe Event Center this weekend, called Tahoe Spark. In addition to her awesome healing team, she has also pulled other alumni Misty Scholz and Matt Phillips to teach yoga and sound healing. Amazing! This weekend's weather lends itself well to take time to drop in with community. One day tickets are now available. See info below. Hope you can make it.

Yesterday, Meg and I were asked and were so fortunate to attend another committed alumni, Heather Cotanch's interview at The Yoga Room. I had no doubt that she would rock it and she did! Look for her name on the schedule, she is awesome. At the same time it was so fun to be in the space Jenna Minnes (another committed one) has created for our community and she mentioned it wouldn't of happened without me. I'm not sure about that, but it was a nice compliment.

Lastly, I want to mention a few things that are happening at Tahoe Yoga that really make my heart smile. Daily drop in meditation 12-12:30 except Wed. 12:30-1:00. And it's Free! Brooke Butler and Emily Weer (committed and silly sisters) are holding Unwind to Transmute, Monday, June 3rd 6-8PM. And where it began for Meg and I, Eddie Modestini is coming the weekend of July 26-28. Brooke was in our training too!

So many fun ways to commit to yourself and see what evolves from there. The yoga community that has been built in the last 16 years in Tahoe is truly tremendous and who says commitment has to be serious. Hope you all can find the delight in this topsy turvy world.

Love you all so much!


P.S. My class at Wanderlust on Thursdays has been changed to 4:00-5:00. Maybe this works better for some of you?????