Beloved Community Hubs

Hi Loved Ones,

I'm home! Idaho was great! Wonderful to be off the grid for a week and drop in. Heaven. Ben and I drove many miles, 55 of them on dirt roads, to get to City of Rocks. So beautiful! I even asked Ben, "Do you think you could live out here?" He immediately said, "Yes". And part of me says "Yes" too. Then the rational mind kicks in and says, "you have to wait until Tessa is out of the house". And the more I sit, the deeper inner voice says, "serve your community". I really, really love this Tahoe-Truckee community. And it's growing! I feel like I meet someone that just moved here at least once a week. It's overwhelming at times, driving around and seeing all the change and traffic. Then I feel that call to serve this community again because the overwhelm is not just mine. I have heard people say that there are too many yoga studios in Tahoe, but with the rate that we are growing I believe all these studios are needed. And, we all need to support them in order for these community "hubs" to help us all heal and connect. There is plenty of evidence that shows having a strong sense of community, helps us to live longer, healthier lives.

Speaking of community, one of my favorite Tahoe hubs, Tahoe Cross Country Ski Area (Tahoe XC), offers many programs and events that support and enrich this community. I have loved Tahoe XC ever since I lived in Tahoe City and used to run, bike, and climb on the amongst the forest there. I fell in love with the ski center when I learned they had dog trails that I could ski with my dog. And, my season pass includes a cookie punch card! A good way into my heart is chocolate chip cookies, and thankfully for me, they don't serve gluten free cookies or I would be in trouble. But I really started to appreciate Tahoe XC when Tessa was a baby. I would meet all my mommy friends and we would go out skiing, pulling our kids behind us in the chariot. Together, we were quite the pack because we had all the dogs too. We would take over the lodge and buy our veggie chili at the Free Heel Café on site. If it was sunny, we would hang out and picnic on the deck. And when Tessa was in elementary school, she got to be a part of the weekly winter field trips to Tahoe XC's Winter Discovery Center whose curriculum is hosted by SWEP (Sierra Watershed Education Partnerships). All the kids get to go out on cross-country skis and learn about our precious winter environment and problem solve on how to protect it. One day near the end of 4th grade, Tessa told me she was over downhill skiing and all the excitement at Squaw. She begged me to take her cross-country skiing, so we did. She wore her unicorn suit and loved it. She said, "Mom, it's so nice to be out here where it is quiet in nature and ski with Lelah (our dog)!" So it worked out perfect that she was moving over to North Tahoe for middle school and then she could do Tahoe XC's Strider Glider Program after school. Honestly these kids are sooooo lucky having Tahoe XC right behind the school. It wasn't until I met Ben that I learned that Tahoe Cross-Country is a non-profit and that made me love it all so much more. No wonder it has so much heart. You can feel the great energy when you are there. These past few seasons, I have found my version of winter running- skate skiing. I had always wanted to learn to skate ski, but I didn't want to have to fork over the money for another set up and the time to begin something new. But two years ago, I went for it, and I am so grateful I did. I love skate skiing! And, I have to say I am starting to dabble in mountain biking too. Tahoe XC is the perfect area for me to learn mountain bike skills because I can be quite cautious and most of the trails there are not intimidating. A couple of weeks ago I rode my friend Laura's modern mountain bike and now I get it. Mountain bikes and fat skis are Great! Always late to the party. I guess another chunk of money is going to be forked over...

So, needless to say, I have tremendous love for Tahoe XC. There is an amazing amount of love and energy that goes into, and surrounds, this little ski area by the big blue lake. I have to say it kind of breaks my heart when I hear of people poaching the trails out there in the winter, especially now that I know the cost of grooming those trails. So my friends, if you have been poaching, I encourage you to buy a pass next year. Knowing what you are supporting in our community will fill your heart full. And, it is so worth it, including being free of any internal guilt or shame. :) Plus, any time you have a pass, you end up skiing more.

Another way you can show your love for Tahoe XC is come to their Summer Grand Opening! Tahoe XC is now offering Trailhead Mountain Bike Rentals, as well as retail clothes and biking necessities. The party is from 12-2pm this Saturday, June 29, and my friend, Greg Brown, from will be playing live music. Refreshments will also be provided. So, come ride, run, walk with the dog, and then stay for the party.

Meanwhile, I wanted to tell you one more great program at Tahoe XC. This summer Tessa is participating in the Junior Development Team at Tahoe XC. They go roller skiing, which she loves, mountain biking, running, hiking and complete dryland drills. It is a great way to get your kid fit and the coach is super cool. You can sign up for the whole season or do drop in, the first session is free. The schedule is Monday and Saturday mornings, and Wednesday afternoons. Last Wednesday afternoon, while Tessa went on a bike ride with the other Devo kids, I practiced on the deck. It's perfect for outdoor yoga! So, those of you that ask me if I am doing any outdoor yoga classes this summer, Yes! I will be doing pop-up classes on the Tahoe XC deck during some of the Devo practices. If you have an 11-14yr. old, maybe he/she will want to check out Devo while you do yoga on the deck with me. This coming Wednesday, July 3rd, from 4:00-5:30pm, class will be donation based, $15 suggested. All proceeds will go to, Steve Ramm, our Tahoe City Postmaster that was hit while riding his bike from KB to Tahoe City. Lots of healing to be had by all those involved and a wonderful opportunity to get our community gathered around. If you cannot make it to class, but are called to donate, go to where you can also find out about Steve's recovery.

And lastly, another community Hub I want to highlight is Tahoe Food Hubs' new Farm Shop by the Truckee airport. I am so inspired by what Susie from Tahoe Food Hub has done for our community. I love the Truckee Farmer's Market on Tuesdays, and the Tahoe City Market on Thursdays; both are packed and it's sometimes hard to find parking. I love New Moon Natural Grocery, but it's a car ride for me. With Susie's new location at the airport next to the Truckee Roundhouse (another great community asset), I can easily ride my bike or even walk. The Farm Shop is open Tues-Fri. 11-7 and Sat. 9-1. Thrilled!

I really love this community and I care about the health and wellness of it, and you. We are growing; let's continue to grow in a beautiful way...

Hope to see you at one of these hubs soon!

Deep love,


Tahoe Cross Country Grand Opening Party
*Now open for trailhead mountain bike rentals.
Saturday, June 29th 12-2PM
Come celebrate with great music and refreshments!

Yoga for Steve Ramm
Wednesday, July 3rd 4:00-5:30
Tahoe Cross Country Deck