Where's Your Aim

Hi loves,

Where are you aiming in life? As you have probably heard before, "where your attention goes, energy flows". So, where are you directing the consciousness that you are responsible for? I know for me, I aim at love.

Some of you nordic skiers out there may have seen that I am teaching yoga for the 2nd Annual Shooter Bowl Sunday, a laser biathlon event for women held on Super Bowl Sunday. I am honored to be a part of this event created by, Emily Turner and Tahoe XC, to raise awareness around domestic violence and gather support for the Community House, an organization that gives so much to our community. 

Last year, my daughter, Tessa, and I participated in the event and had a blast skiing and then trying to shoot the laser guns. It was quite challenging and such a metaphor for life. Women were dressed in costume and there was lots of laughter and connection. I told myself last year that this event is where I want to aim some energy. I got a lot out being part of it, including some awesome raffle prizes!

As for Super Bowl Sunday, I have to say I have never been much for football. Although it is amazing to watch the athleticism, it's just so hard for me to watch what these men are doing to their bodies and their brains. And to be celebrated for it. Tessa was in a ski accident last Sunday and has been dealing with a concussion all week and it is bringing back all the emotion and frustration that I had after sustaining a concussion 3 years ago. Brain injury sucks and it effects our lives in so many ways. The hard part is you look healthy and it seems like you should be able to function just fine and the frustration comes when you can't which brings up so much, especially when other people don't believe/see that there is anything wrong. I know so many people love football and the community that is built around it. Enjoy it, if that is what you are in to. But for those of us who are not into football, let's aim our consciousness at something that serves love and the health to our community. The Shooter Bowl Sunday event at Tahoe XC is the perfect playing field for this.

*Please note!, because of the current winter storm, Shooter Bowl Sunday has been rescheduled for next Saturday, February 9, at Tahoe XC. If you don't have cross-country gear, no problem, you can rent skate or classic gear at Tahoe XC for a discounted price. It will be fun, I promise. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner, everyone gets cheered on.

Hope to see lot's of my sisters out there next weekend!

Love to you all!