Happy Valentine's Day Lovers

Happy Valentine's Day Love!

There is nothing like this day to bring up all our ideas of what love is and the little boxes we put it in. Sometimes those little boxes have good stuff in them. :) But love is so much bigger. It is what holds and moves thru. Something our mind will never grasp.

When we have these ideas of what love "should" look like, feel like, be expressed like, it gives days like this an opportunity to be disastrous. And when you are having one of those disastrous days or even moments, it's just an opportunity to come back to your own heart. 

I found myself painting yesterday and this picture is what came out. I have always loved crows because they represent to me the shadow that we all fear so much or at least I did for about 40 years, but I came to find it was so held. I have found the more I embrace the shadow, often that takes time being in bed and really being with it and where I am writing this from, the more joy, happiness and freedom I experience.

So maybe this day will be full of the sweet images of what we think love is and that is fun, but most of all I pray that you feel the deep connection to your heart.

I love you!