I love Austin!

Hi Lovelies,

I just got back from Austin, Texas. Yeehaw! I feel so fortunate that my college girlfriends that are spread all over the country still make time to get together every few years. We've known each other almost 30 years. Wow! The part that is fun for me is seeing how we all have evolved and the parts that are still the same or the parts that we are still struggling with. It's fascinating. There is something about us that tends to think of people in our past as they were back then, but we all evolve and change and often we hold others hostage to what they were. What I am really grateful about this group is that I have changed ALOT since we first started hanging out and there are parts that are the same and parts that I still struggle with, but they accept it all. I don't partake in all the celebratory cocktails and I am early to bed and early to rise, but it doesn't effect them one bit AND I don't expect them to be any different than who they are. There is so much love shared, including Texas Two Step, which might be one of the most heart opening dances I have ever experienced. This dance adventure took place at the legendary Broken Spoke where we took the picture above. So since we have made it 30 years I have no doubt there will be at least 30 more.

When I reflect on my own life and what has inspired the greatest change in me for the better is yoga and at the top - meditation. I have to say each year of practice in my life seems to equal out to each year getting more rich and fulfilled. That is why I am passionate about sharing it and grateful I get to hold series like Yoga for Fulfillment because it gives me the opportunity to go deeper with folks.
Yoga for Fulfillment starts this Thursday night. There is still time to join and a few copies of The Four Desires to buy at Namaste. I have had a lot of folks say they are planning to join, but haven't signed up yet. I need to know who is coming ahead of time so I can email everyone how I will be setting the container for the magic to happen. Part of that is having everyone come in and leave in silence, something we don't usually get to experience in a regular public yoga class. It's a real treat. That email is going out tomorrow night so please sign up online at www.namastetruckee.com or call Marybeth at 530-448-9014. And by the way men, you won't be alone if that encourages you to sign up. I have one man signing up and Ben will be partaking too.

Yoga for Fulfillment
Namaste Holistic Healing and Yoga Center

Thursdays 7:00-8:30PM *15 min. earlier than the last two years
Starts Jan. 24 and ends April 4th. * No class Feb.21, March 7th&14th
Sliding Scale $160/$200/$240 *Pay what you can afford.
Join remotely for $99

Love to you all!


P.S. If you have never been to Austin, I highly recommend it!