A Talk With Kali


Hi Loves,

I have been teaching and holding space a lot for me the last month and Sunday I am gratefully heading into silence with Adyashanti until Friday. I can not wait to be held! Thank you to all the beings that are supporting me by taking care of my kid, my dog, my classes so I can have this experience of myself. Honestly what I receive from these retreats is pretty phenomenal and I highly encourage you to seek it if you are feeling the call. It use to feel indulgent, but now I am seeing it as necessary with the amount of input we are getting on a daily basis. Last year I missed retreat because Tessa and I got a fabulous invite to France with my dear sister Kali Cathie and her unit. It was an amazing trip and I feel I am overdue about a year.

Today Kali's latest podcast is coming out with an interview of me! Really you are invited to the kind of juicy conversations we have and the conversations that have meaning for me, hopefully you too. That's us in the pic above. I encourage you to subscribe to her podcast, It's Time to Talk. First of all I can listen to her kiwi accent all day long and her way of articulating the divine is quite profound. Here we talk about Healing the Masculine/Feminine Rift.

Lastly, thank you to all of those that have responded to my last newsletter, "For the Men!" It really helps me keep, putting this stuff out to the world. I am so grateful for the love and support. I know in retreat I am suppose to be in my aloneness, but what I find hilarious is you will all be there with me.

So much love to all of you! Hope to see you on the other side.


P.S. *****Early Bird for Yoga and Meditation for Men ends this Wednesday, Sept. 25 when I am in silence. If you have questions for me, please get a hold of me before Sunday. Otherwise you can also get a hold of Ben at bgrassi.xc@gmail.com. You save $90 if you commit by Sept.25th.