Wanderlust Festival Report and Other Updates

Hi Loves,

This is my annual Wanderlust Festival report. Attending the Festival at Squaw Valley each year is my chance to get a pulse on what's going on in the greater yoga community, and to see where we are headed. From what I can tell this year, there is a "softening". I am not sure if it was because there were less corporate sponsors, less attendees(I know there were less discounts), less spending, less waste, less alcohol(I was given lube instead of alcohol in my presenter gift bag); or if it was more meditation, more quiet, more connection, more deep conversation, but it felt softer and more intimate this year- I loved it!

I started the extended weekend with the opening ceremony on Thursday night. The two comedian/musicians of Choir! Choir! Choir! had us all harmonizing Hallelujah! They made it so sweet to let our hearts/voices sing. Friday, I overheated being in the sun practicing AcroYoga and sought refuge in the air-conditioned Speakeasy. I really loved Pixie Lighthorse (Ancestral Healing), and Kyle Cease (Illusion of Money). I intend to read both of their books, and recommend that you check them out as well. Often you can find the Speakeasy Talks on YouTube after the festival.

Back to the AcroYoga, every year I have somehow managed to avoid it. I have practiced it a few times, but it still puts me out of my comfort zone which I know is showing me my stuff. Honestly putting my head in someone's business or having their head in mine is vulnerable for me. You? I know it's only weird if we make it weird. Also, not wanting to get hurt or hurt someone else requires a lot of trust in the teachers and the partners. Since I was so fortunate to have my partner Ben working and attending the Festival with me I thought, "What the hell, why not give it a go?". Well the joke was on me, they split us up and I was teamed up with strangers which I believe was the point. I found myself listening to my intuition what would be alright for my body and expressing those needs and vice versa for my partners. I felt a softening into the support from the spotters and the assistants/teachers. It was a beautiful experience Jason Newer the founder of AcroYoga gave us. And brings up the question, can we be willing to trust strangers? Not a simple task as we often were not taught, nor do we teach our own children, to engage with strangers let alone "fly them" like I did in class. Doesn't that mistrust send the message that the world isn't a safe place to be? I would like to see us all teach more trust, in ourselves, and in our intuition. I believe the Acro community is doing great work in this realm. And also why Ben and I felt safe to attend his Thai massage class. Thank you, Jason, for seeing what the world needs and following through with your passion.

One of my greatest passions is cultivating more intimacy and connection, with oneself and with each other. This has probably been with me since Day 1. Ben and I felt so fortunate to hold the container for this to occur at Wanderlust again this year adding the niche for partners. And I was so grateful to have my Mama friend Agga Noowaak help me hold the space for the moms and daughters. The hike themes were; "Being in Your Aloneness", "Connecting with Mama" and "Intimacy in the Mountains for Partners". Whether the participants came to foster a deeper relationship with themselves, their mother, their daughter, or their partner, my heart was touched profoundly. My mind (which often will downsize the value of what I offer to the world) says people can go for a hike anytime and it's free, why would they join me? But my heart reminds me of the times when space has been held for me and what tremendous value that container has had for my transformation and evolution. Have you felt this too? Those of you that joined me this year on the hikes, thank you. It was an honor to hold space for you and my hope is that you found some shifts into a greater softening within yourself.

Lastly, I want say what really makes Wanderlust Festival so special is all of you that attend. To witness the softening together is downright precious. Thank you for all the hugs, the smiles, the laughter, the tears, the connection. It's what I look forward to every year.

Meanwhile, I want to recognize those that have chosen to go deeper with themselves through the 2019 Wanderlust Teacher Training. Meg McCraken and I have another amazing group of yogis and I am honored and humbled by their presence once again. With Module 1 finishing just before Wanderlust, we are off to a great start!

And for August, other than a couple weekend trips in Betty the Van, I will be in Tahoe enjoying summer, teaching and being with my kiddo, dog and partner. In addition to my regular schedule, here are some of the other fun events I am a part of.

Tahoe Cross Country Women's Mountain Bike Clinics
August 3rd, 10th, 17th

*This Saturday, my friend, Quincy Young, will be teaching the bike maintenance portion-this is what I really need!!!

**Aug. 10th, my dear friend Jenna Minnes will be sharing the yoga portion.

***Aug. 17th, I will be sharing the yoga portion. Lucky me!

For more details: https://tahoexc.org/events#women-mtn-bike-clinic

Yoga on the Deck and Under the Trees
with Shari Beard
Tahoe Cross Country
Aug. 14 4:00-5:15
Cost $15

*Practice will lend well to pre/post ride or run.

Also pre-dinner/dancing.:)

Satsang at the Wanderlust Studio in Squaw
August 19th and Sept. 16th 5:30-7:00
Donation Based

*My soul sister Meg McCracken has been facilitating Satsang on the 3rd Monday of every Month. I feel so honored to facilitate the next two in her place. Satsang is an opportunity to drop in with each other and let our hearts and voices be heard. The theme for August will be "Vulnerability".

Hope you all are well!

So much love!


P.S. Namaste is having Radical Healing Day this Sat., Aug.3rd.

Here's what's going on:

9:30am Half off drop in for Sat. yoga class ($9)
12:30pm Osteopathic Wellness Talk with Dr. Mackey
2:00pm Prenatal/Pelvic Floor Talk with Marissa M.
4:00pm $10 Sound Bath with Gyongyi

Mini Acupuncture Sessions for $25 with Lila and Veronica 10:00am-3:00/4:00pm.
Nutritional Sessions for $20 with Andrea.

50 Min Massages with Victoria and Ann Marie and Laura Green, Fri 3:30- 4:30pm.

call, text or sign in on line to book a session!!!