Get Outside and Practice

Hi loves,

I have to say one of my favorite ways to chill with friends is being outside in the shade and sharing the practice of yoga. Letting go of the formality of the studio. Showing up in bike shorts, climbing pants, pajamas, or swimsuits. Whatever one is wearing and just rolling out the mat and practicing. A lot of the classes I taught outside were back in the day when everyone would bring their kids. It was so fun feeling the breeze on our skin, gazing up at the trees, having our little ones run around in the grass, sometimes climbing on their mothers/fathers. Pretty precious.

So, I am amped to be offering some outdoor classes this week at Tahoe Cross Country. Those of you that say they miss my offerings over on the Lake, here is your chance. Feel free to bring your kids to tomorrow's class; kids are free. I will have extra mats.

Also, Ladies; I would love to ride bikes with you on Saturday before getting on the mat. Come if you can make it to the last Tahoe XC Women's Bike Clinic. It will be fun!

Most of all, I hope you are making the best of the rest of summer. Would love to hear or see a photo that you are getting some outdoor practices in while it's still warm. Nothing better than savasana outside and then ending with a nice meditation. Ahhhhh.

Love to you all!


Yoga on the Deck and Under the Trees
with Shari Beard
Tahoe Cross Country
Aug. 14 4:00-5:15
Cost $15, Kids Free
*Practice will lend well to pre/post ride or run.
Also pre-dinner/dancing.:)

Tahoe Cross Country Last Women's Mountain Bike Clinic
Saturday, August 17th 9-12
Bike Clinic will be from 9-11, yoga 11-12
For more details:

Satsang at the Wanderlust Studio in Squaw
August 19th and Sept. 16th 5:30-7:00
Donation Based
*My soul sister Meg McCracken has been facilitating Satsang on the 3rd Monday of every Month. I feel so honored to facilitate the next two in her place. Satsang is an opportunity to drop in with each other and let our hearts and voices be heard. The theme for August will be "Vulnerability".