Silent Night, Holy Night

Dear loved ones, 

I love this night in that it reminds me of the sacredness of all things. When we see something as sacred, we take better care, we direct our consciousness to whatever it is, the something....matters. Lots of us whether we are religious or not see the sacredness of a church or temple and we can feel it and want to follow any of the rules or guidelines to show that it matters. When we see our homes as sacred, we take care of it. When we see our bodies as sacred, we take care of it. When we see our relationships as sacred, we take care of them. But can we see all of it as sacred? Whatever it is right now that you have a hard time seeing as sacred, put it on the alter of your heart. It's what is triggering us that we usually have a hard time seeing as sacred and boy are the holidays full of them. So right now something that you find hard seeing as sacred, bring it to mind on this holy night and then close your eyes and invite it in to your heart. Can you see it shows you what matters and doesn't that move you to take better care? Often I find when I do this practice with my triggers, it comes back to the taking care of my own heart and in turn that takes care of others.

I am off to So Cal tomorrow with Tessa to be with my mama and sister. Blessed. I will be back to teach on Monday the 31st at Tahoe Yoga and then A Silent Beginning on the 1st. I LOVE spending these special days dropping in with community. There are still some spots available for the retreat. Contact me if you want to come, you must sign up before so that we can set the container for silence. It will be a special way to start this new year. I love the group that is forming.

So much love to you on this sacred evening!