A Silent Beginning

Hi Lovers,

Today I write from bed and it is probably the most beautiful blue bird epic powder day out there. I so hope you all are out there playing and enjoying the magic. I am getting to experience the magic of listening. I have been going thru quite a process with personal stuff and while it is actually working out beautifully and supported, I also haven't been listening to my body as well, I haven't been listening to that inner voice and I have been more indulging in the ego desires because the ego says I deserve it. I have been going thru hard stuff. Welllllll...that has landed me in bed today. Ok at least I am listening now which in the past I would have pushed thru until I got really sick. 

I committed to myself a few years back that I would go on silent retreat once a year and we are at December and it doesn't look like 2018 saw me sitting in silence for a week. Hmmmm....the ego wants to blame that is why I am not listening so well and there might be truth in that. But what is more true is the way things are looking in my life, it doesn't look like a week long silent retreat will be in my future for the next 6 years. It was actually a luxury that life gave me two opportunities like that. Most of us don't have this luxury and is life going to be OK? Yeah, probably more than ok. So I will say that if you do have the time and resources to go sit with yourself for a week, I will continue to encourage you. It is profound. But.....life says I am going to only get mini silent retreats for awhile. Maybe only 3 hours here and there. In fact I think I am going to start scheduling one in each month for 2019. Family can join in if they want, but the guidelines apply to them as well. 3 hours to turn off all the screens. No talking, no reading, no doing, just being. Maybe some movement, some sitting, some journaling, some tea. Sound nice? Put your first one on the calendar so you can do some planning to build your container for it. Meaning clean your house if you plan on holding your mini retreat there, so you don't end up cleaning in your time. Tell people you are unreachable at that time. Clear all screens from your container. Make sure your container won't be invaded by drop in visitors or run into people that may want to engage in conversation. It's really magical when we can drop in with ourselves in this way.

Sooooo....as in service to all of you, my dear friend's Joaquin Fioresi, Jenni Charles and I want to start 2019 offering to hold a beautiful container for you. We are calling it A Silent Beginning. Honestly we first were calling it Shut the F*$#k Up Yoga, which we decided sounded a little loud, but don't we all need to do that? Don't we all need to stop, shut up and listen? I know I need more of it right now. 

A Silent Beginning will be held in the Tahoe Cross Country Yurt. It will be cozy, intimate and romantic. Maybe your partner, friends or family want to join you? It's so wonderful to drop in with loved ones. We are holding it in the afternoon so you can go ski or play in the morning. Or if you are whooping in the New Year, you can sleep in. You must sign up with me, so we can build the container. You will be getting an email of what you need to do to be a part of that. No surprise drop ins. If you don't know, Joaquin is an amazing healer and musician in our community. Jenni Charles is the fiddler player from The Dead Winter Carpenters. Both of these beings are near and dear to my heart and this will be a wonderful experience to start the New Year. So Yes these two will be playing instrumental music for us, but there will also we lots of silence. Yum! Hope you will join.

Love to you all!