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Module I

History of yoga, including an overview of the Eight Limbs

  • Pranayama and breath work

  • Chandra Namaskar, Cat/Cow, Surya A and Surya B

  • Fundamentals of teaching vinyasa and opportunities to practice teach

  • Basics of anatomy, adjustments and sanskrit

Imagine yourself practicing yoga at the top of High Camp, sitting in dharma talks at the base of waterfalls in Shirley Canyon, and making lifelong connections in the heart of the mountains.

Inspired by the Wanderlust Festival, you’ll explore the practice of yoga with world class teachers and like-minded friends, while embracing the stunning terrain of Squaw Valley. Led by Meg McCraken and assistant Shari Beard, our unique program blends studio training with outdoor learning in the fresh mountain air and sunshine. Along with special guest scholars Dr. Mike Lane, Kali Cathie, Michelle Linane and Lauri Glenn, our training shares a diverse array of wisdom and knowledge to help you find your True North and inspire others to do the same.  

Pressed for time?  Our training is spread out over 6 months with 4 (5-day) modules, giving you space to live your life and integrate the knowledge between modules. You have two years to complete the training so you can do Mods 1 & 2 this year and finish the training next year.

Not planning on teaching? This training will deepen your understanding of your own practice and your own heart.  Many of our prior graduates choose not to teach, and we welcome all kinds of students!

It is our mission to provide a once in a lifetime experience in finding your True North while connecting to a community of lifelong friends, teachers, and mentors. Our intention is that you graduate from this training with the ability to integrate the teachings into your own life, and with the skills to share them with your own yoga students, if that is the path you choose to follow.

*I feel humbled and honored to hold space for the individuals that go thru this process with my dear friend Meg McCracken and I. It is truly exceptional. For more information go to and feel free to contact me with any questions.