Oh Fall!


Hi Loves!

Oh my goodness fall beauty! It just blows my heart wide open! I just want to spend all my time outside. This weekend was spent on the Eastside relishing in it. It even included apple picking and making our own cider. Heaven! We have been warming up our blend of cider in the morning for a special treat. Tessa says she is hooked! For those of you that go to the eastside, I can't tell you how special Apple Hill was just outside of Bishop. A very special piece of property and it's not just apples, they have other fruits, veggies, eggs, etc. . I want to do a special yoga retreat there!


Whether it's biking, hiking, running, climbing, meditating, I want to be outdoors with myself and loved ones. This weekend I get to be a part of another Mountain Bike Clinic at Tahoe Cross Country. This one is geared to those with bike experience that want to get more comfortable with technical terrain. I can't say enough good things about what I have learned from the coaches. I am feeling way more confident, which means way less fear, which results in enjoying myself so much more. It's so funny how I use to approach my sports in that I had to prove how tough I was, how strong I was, how fit I was, how much better I was, how rad I was and if I didn't feel those things (tough, strong, fit, better than, rad) I suffered, aka I felt wimpy, weak, out of shape, basically sucked which all resulted in myself feeling unloveable. It's funny when we wake up to all that. Now I approach my sports with just being present to whatever I am experiencing and I enjoy myself soooooo much more. And what I find is I usually perform better because of it. And when fear arises it's not something to just plow thru and be fearless. Often there is some wisdom in the the fear that is keeping me from getting hurt. That is good wisdom to listen to. And it can also be wise to lean into the fear a little to show what's possible, but not letting it come from that place that is trying to prove something.

So that's my little plug. Grab your partner, friend, kid or just yourself and come learn, grow and enjoy together. Would love to have you join!

Most of all, get outside and enjoy yourselves!


Love to you all!