I Love France


Greetings from France Lovers! What a beautiful country it is. It really feels like a country of love, passion and romance. So grateful to be here with my daughter and dear friends, all lovers.  It just delights me that I have come to a place in my life that there is this lover I am deeply connected with and of course I would love to have him here in the country of romance, but at the same time I am perfectly okay that he is not. My happiness does not depend on him, or my daughter, or my friends, or my family or dog for that matter. Sure I experience so much happiness when I am with all these beings, but it's only a reflection of the love that I am. I can truthfully say this is all because of meditation and making the time everyday to sit and be with myself and in that I have become my greatest lover.  As a recovering codependent this is huge.

Since deciding to put out a yoga/meditation series for men with this new lover, I have had, of course, lots more conversations with men because that is how it works. I have had a few men say "why would I want to sit in a room full of men when I can go to a yoga class full of woman" although they wouldn't be because I am there, but I want to ask my brother's "Why not?". The other resistance I have come across is "I meditate when I am out running, biking, skiing, etc...". Yes, yes that is a wonderful time to be with yourself, but I believe the magic happens by simply sitting still with YOU. The last resistance I want to address is "I won't be able to make all 4 classes, so that would be like shooting money into the wind." Yes drop in classes would be cool, but we are committing to dropping in with ourselves, with each other as a group. Sure you can miss a class, but your space, whether you are able to make it or not, holds the container for you to experience YOU. Now I don't know about you, but to me, that's certainly not shooting money into the wind.  

So my brothers, our sisters have these same resistances too, but as a gift to yourself, to your partner, your kids, parents, pets and the whole I highly encourage you to take the plunge for this 4 week series with Ben and I. There is an awesome group of men already signed up and I can't wait to see who else does. It's like Christmas. And dear sisters, please join for the 4 week series after.  Sign up at Tahoe Yoga or call 530-550-8333. I hope to see you at one or both series.

Sending so much love from a castle in St. Cirq de Lapopie, France.  I can't believe this life.  I love it here, but I also look forward to being back in my beloved community.  Hope to see you soon!



P.S.  Would anyone want to do a retreat with me in Southern France?  I am thinking this might be a perfect place to drop in with a sweet group.