I love YOGA and I am so blessed to share this practice with the world.  In the last 18 years of practice and 10 years of teaching I have learned so much about myself and have found this life is all one big journey of Self Love.  I feel deep gratitude to be able to call the Tahoe/Truckee Area of California to be my home since 1994.  The mountains and this community have had an incredible healing effect on this being for the last 19 years and now I am exploring more of the healing aspects of water with rafting, kayaking and stand up paddle boarding.  I am privileged to be called mama by a sparkly 6 year old and a 2 year old pup.  Both are wonderful gurus for me.  I love to rock climb, ski, hike, run and be outside.  Most of all I love bringing community together to help facilitate the opening of hearts so we experience deeper connection and as a result live life more fully.

I have studied with master teachers for the last 10 years with over 1000 hours of Teacher Training.  I am passionate about teaching alignment to help students connect to their bodies, mind and heart.  I bring together fellow healers to teach workshops and retreats with me  in Tahoe and around the world.  I love facilitating connection in a group and making people feel that they are loved and they belong.  It is a great joy of mine to see transformation happen in an individual when they are given support and accountability.  I feel so blessed to love what I do.

I have been privileged to teach yoga in the schools from little ones to high schoolers, to new parents and parents with their children, to teachers and big group conferences.  I have been  honored to teach yoga adventure trips as far as Chile and Wanderlust right here in Squaw Valley.

My most recent passion has been my daily meditation practice for the last two years.  I have been blown away how it has completely transformed my life and can say that my life looks completely different than it did 2 years ago.  It is my mission to get us all doing a home practice and meditate for at least 5 minutes a day.  If we all did just that, I believe we would heal as a species and in turn the planet.